Abigail Smithson

Offering Osteopathy

Adam Lloyd

Helping Clients with Personal Fitness and Nutrition Advice

Alison Armishaw

Offering life coaching for women in their 30’s and 40’s

Alison Ensor

Specialising in spiritual healing

Andy Tibbs

Offering Courses in Plant-based Nutrition & Wellbeing, Vegan Cooking and Eastern Cooking Techniques

Angela Hoskins

Offering 'A Course In Miracles' Study Group

Ann Morley

Offering Yoga Classes

Anna Darrock

Offering acupuncture treatments

Becky Medcalf

Offering Cellular Release Therapy®

Beth Forrester

Offering Intuitive Tarot Readings

Bonnie Lloyd

Offering Feng Shui

Carol Green

Offering Psychic, Mediumship and Intuition Courses and Workshops

Carol Welch

Offering Emotional Therapeutic Counselling

Caroline Painter

Offering Law of Attraction Workshops and Conscious Coaching

Caroline Willbourn

Specialising in NeuroRestart for Children with Learning Difficulties

Cathy Baynes

Offering a variety of pilates classes

Cathy Bebbington

Offering Reflexology and Aromatherapy

Christopher Brown

Offering one-to-one's and courses in life coaching

Clare Burn

Holistic Therapist providing massage therapies

Craig Musty

Offering Life Coaching and NLP

Debbie Fildew

offering Rosen Method Bodywork

Debbie Fitchsampson

Offering counselling

Dr Emma Riggs

Specialising in Clinical Psychological Assessment and Intervention

Dr Jane Spurr

Offering Psychological interventions tailored to individual needs and goals.

Dr Leah Callebaut

Offering mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) courses and talking therapy

Dr. Lesley Roberts

Offering Zentangle and Other Mindful Creative Activities

Frances Whitman

Offering Soul Energy Portraits and Readings

Graham Boston

Offering courses in Astrology

Helen Galpin

Meditation Teaching

Helene Su

Offering Somatic Dance, Breathwork, Meditation and Fusion Bodywork

Ian Rampton

Specialising in helping individuals to overcome aquaphobia

Jack Stewart

Offering psychotherapy and healing

James D'Angelo

Specialising in sound healing - the yoga of vocal sound.

Jane Morgan

Offering developmental coaching

Janie Whittemore

Offering Reiki, Reflexology, ReikiReflex, Havening Techniques and Reiki Tuition

Jenny Steele

Offering ITM Alexander Technique

Jessica Cadbury

Offering nutrition, dieting and body image workshops

Jo Fellows

Offering yoga and meditation classes, as well as Reiki training

Joanna Kippax

Insomnia treatment and sleep health advice

John Carter

Offering sound healing and gong baths

John Down

Specialising in palmistry, tarot reading and public speaking

John Thorne

Offering Tai Chi movement for wellbeing, Bodywork for The Mind massage and spiritual coaching.

Karen Soo

Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi and other Qigong systems

Karina Cox

Offering aromatherapy, yoga and massage classes

Kate Collier

Specialising in Identity Constellations workshops

Kathryn Buxton

Offering courses in mindfulness and meditation

Kelly Peacey

Offering Crystal Healing, Multidimensional Healing, Spirit Attachment & Negative Energy Clearing and Life Path Readings

Kimberley Pena

Specialising in Dance Movement Psychotherapy

Kirsty Terry

Specialises in Functional Medicine, RTT and Bioenergetic Health Screening

Leah Robinson

Offering Meditation and Drawing Courses

Linda Gillatt

Offering NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Eriksonian Hypnotherapy and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)

Lisa Harford

Offering psychodynamic counselling.

Liza Phillips

Offering Kinesiology, Nutritional Guidance and Reiki

Magdalena Vonk

Offering EFT, NLP, Massage Therapy and Stretching.

Maggie Marchant

Offering Metamorphic Technique to help adults and children

Maggie Martin

M.C.Martin Acupuncture & Naturopathy offers Acupuncture, Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture in combination with Celluma® Light Therapy Naturopathic Treatments, Smart Nutrition, Evidence & Lifestyle Based Medicine

Martin Van Zyl

Offering Osteopathy and stress management

Mary Pearson

Specialising in Meditation Teaching

Max Watkins

Offering energy exercise classes drawing from a variety of tai chi and qigong forms.

Natasha Stolt

Wellbeing Life Coach and Mentor

Nick Haynes

Specialising in couples and relationship counselling

Nicola Gadsby

Offering Psychodynamic Therapy, Mindfulness, Individual and Couples Counselling

Rachel Done

Offering Yoga Classes, Yoga Therapy, Workplace Wellbeing, Antenatal and Active Birth, Postnatal Yoga and Yoga for 12 Step Recovery

Rachel Shackleton

Offering Herbal Medicine, Naturopathy and Kinesiology

Richard Abbot

Offering tarot, numerology and spiritual development

Roger Scriven

Offering Psychodynamic Counselling

Ruth Henderson-Cash

Offering Hatha and Slow Flow Yoga Classes, One-to-one Yoga Therapy and Therapeutic Yoga Classes

Ruth White

Offering Yoga Classes

Sandra Harper

Offering Mindfulness for Drivers and Learners and Photography for Wellbeing

Sarah Bradley

Sarah Bradley, of Apricot Lane Coaching, provides Life Coaching to individuals, couples and businesses

Sue Rabbich

Facilitating Community Wellbeing courses and offering Reflexology, End of Life Companionship (Soul Midwife), Tender Loving Care Training, Death Café facilitation and a PAT dog.

Tanya Carter

Offering Brainspotting Trauma release therapy, one to one Meditation guidance, one to one yoga therapy, sound healing.

Ursula Barbieri

Offering Body, Home and Business Alignment

Valentina Correa Bove

Offering Crystal Therapy & Obsidian Therapy

Vicky Henderson

Mindset Revolutionary specializing in Emotional Intelligence for teenagers and adults, personal life and professional life.

Vicky Jones

Offering mindful art workshops for individuals and groups

Wendy Beresford

Offering Positive Tapping for parent carers and families

Yael Hochenberg

Offering Transformational Breath 1-2-1 Sessions, Nia Dance 1-2-1 sessions and group classes and workshops