Andy Tibbs

Offering Courses in Plant-based Nutrition & Wellbeing, Vegan Cooking and Eastern Cooking Techniques

Andy Tibbs is Head chef and owner of Poco Culina,  a totally independent Cheltenham-based business dedicated to creating exciting, flavoursome food with art and flair.

Andy runs Quality Endorsed courses at The Isbourne on plant-based nutrition, cookery skills and how to transition to a full or partial vegan diet, with a particular emphasis on Eastern cooking techniques.

He is a passionate and committed cook dedicated to passing on knowledge of plant-based cookery skills, techniques and ingredients.

Andy says "We are committed to using ingredients that have a positive impact on health and wellbeing. All of our ingredients, techniques and packaging are 100% cruelty-free and derived only from plants. Where possible, we source from responsible, organic suppliers and independent local suppliers. We make everything we sell ourselves (and grow some of it too!)."

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