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Tanya Carter

Offering Brainspotting trauma release therapy, one-to-one Meditation guidance, one-to-one yoga therapy, sound healing, TuiNa massage and Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture.

Tanya Carter is first and foremost a yogini living a yogic lifestyle. She has many strings to her bow, but most of all Tanya loves sharing the in-depth knowledge and love she has available to her, around yoga, meditation, crystals, and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) as well as sound and vibrational healing. Her path has been an enormously rewarding and varied one.

Tanya promotes many events including Sundara, an annual community gathering which offers yoga, dance, sacred sound healing, community spirit, diverse teachers, workshops and a whole lot more. She also runs Living Yoga Retreats and workshops. Her philosophy is to share what knowledge you have with openness and love for humanity, so we may all learn and experience from each other and truly shine.

Tanya is currently offering in-person and online therapy, which includes Brainspotting, a form of trauma release therapy, where the client uses a technique unique to Brainspotting therapy. Brainspotting utilises gaze points to access hidden trauma, bringing it to the conscious mind allowing the client to release the traumas in the present, bringing relief and change. This treatment can be effectively used alongside personalised meditation and yogic practices or on its own to help with living a fulfilled and happier life.

Please email Tanya for more information or to enquire about booking events, online or in-person therapy either at the Isbourne of through Zoom.