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Janie Whittemore

Offering Reiki, Reflexology, ReikiReflex, Havening Techniques and Reiki Tuition

Janie is an intuitive therapist, spiritual coach, teacher and healer. Her healing work spans 24 years, including becoming a Reiki master whilst living in Thailand and running the Isbourne Holistic Centre in Cheltenham for six years on her return. In 2015 she founded The Healing Company.

She specialises in helping women move from feeling disconnected or stuck to empowered and whole.

Janie offers special Upliftment Sessions – quick, affordable and effective in helping to change your emotional /mental state. After an initial consultation in which the client’s needs and desires are established, a plan of action is discussed.

It may be Havening, Reiki healing, Reflexology Therapy – or a deeply relaxing combination, but the tailor-made sessions take the client on a healing journey towards their goals. During Lockdown, online sessions work very well and have been achieving positive results.

Having an intuitive sense for how people feel, Janie is able to blend neuroscience-based techniques together with her own gentle brand of healing to change their life in powerful ways. She has taught hundreds of people Reiki and loves to support the progress of others in her new online courses.