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Rebecca Brown

Specialising in Transformation & Healing through Well-being Coaching, 1:1 Movement & Yoga Tuition and Yoga Nidra Healing

Rebecca is a Wellbeing Expert & Educator with over 20 years of working in the well-being field. She supports & empowers clients to create Transformation & Healing in their own lives. 

From releasing trauma, stress management, and boosting confidence to improving mobility & pain reduction.  Rebecca harnesses the power of somatic movement, mindfulness and therapeutic practices to facilitate healing. 

Rebecca says, “I have always had a deep calling to help others. In my own life, I’ve navigated personal trauma & struggle. We can learn to move through challenges with more grace and use obstacles as springboards for growth and greatness. I’m here to illuminate the strength and capacity we all have to feel whole & to heal.”

Rebecca is the founder of Rebecca Brown Wellbeing offering Wellbeing Coaching, 1:1 Movement & Yoga tuition, Yoga Nidra & Healing Sessions, Wellness Workshops and Wellbeing Consultancy for Businesses.  

She has extensive training in Holistic Therapies with ITEC, and numerous Yoga Teacher trainings including Yin & YTT with Orange Yoga, Functional Movement & Energetic Healing. Rebecca particularly enjoys incorporating Aromatherapy into many of her sessions due to its somatic effects. She is also a strong advocate for embodied journaling a particularly insightful tool. 

Rebecca invites & welcomes you to elevate the potential of your well-being. 

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