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James D'Angelo

Specialising in sound healing - the yoga of vocal sound.

James' courses have been given at many of the major venues in the UK including The Alternatives Programme, The College of Psychic Studies, The Findhorn Foundation, The Gaunts House Foundation, The Isle of Avalon Foundation (Glastonbury), The Brightlife Institute, The Theosophical Society, Hawkwood College, Goldsmith's College and The Abbey (Oxfordshire). Further courses have been offered in Europe and the USA.

He is considered a leading authority on sound healing practices and is one of the specially chosen authors on the premier sound healing website

James has been invited to speak at the prestigious Scientific and Medical Network annual conferences, the Glastonbury Symposium, two Caduceus conferences (UK) and two Sound Colloquiums (USA) and two Message Company conferences (USA).

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