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Sam Merron

Offering Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, Conscious Connected Breathwork, 21-day transformational programmes and Intuitive Tarot Readings

As well as her professional qualifications, Sam draws on her life experiences including experiencing her own rock bottom and subsequent transformation to encourage others that change is possible. Studying Eastern practices and philosophies backed up by Western psychology and scientific evidence, Sam has studied in India, Ibiza, UK and online.

Sam offers different modalities to suit your needs guided through supportive groups or a private session. The practices she offers will help optimise your energy, release physical, mental and emotional blocks and can free you from self-sabotaging behaviours and thoughts.

Using breathing techniques, meditation, yoga poses, kryia practices that work on the energy body, Vedic wisdom and a long relaxation with yoga nidra. Sam combines these into a unique 90-minute-long Himalayan Yoga journey.

Sam’s 21-day transformational courses, fit around a busy or a full-time job.  The daily practices work on specific topics the next course starting in September is the Breaking Free Sadhana. This can lead to freedom from feeling anxious, anger and frustration being self-critical, releasing old patterns of behaviour and feeling not enough.

Whilst volunteering at The Soul Circus festival last year Sam took part in a conscious connected breathwork session by Innercamp.  The profound experience for her and witnessing the reaction of the other participants led her to complete her 300 hours of breathwork training and now that she is fully qualified she is delighted to offer CCB in Cheltenham.

Sam is kind, caring and compassionate.  Her sankalpa which translates as a heartfelt desire is to help others find the healer within.

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