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Max Watkins

Offering energy exercise classes drawing from a variety of tai chi and qigong forms.

Max has been teaching classes at The Isbourne since 2001. He is a qualified tai chi instructor with toaist lineage holder Bruce Frantciz Energy Arts School and enjoys sharing his many years’ experience in a fun and insightful way. For twenty years Max has sought and found inner peace through meditation. He is a Kadampa Buddhist with a regular practice of listening, contemplation, meditation and retreat and he teaches meditation at Akanishta Kadampa Buddhist Center, Cheltenham.

With a love and dedication to the healing arts that began with a qigong practice over twenty five years ago, Max has a passion for tai chi, qigong, meditation and massage. His enthusiasm for Chi practices led him to tui na (the massage branch of traditional Chinese medicine) and in 2001 he studied to master practitioner level with Maria Mercatis at her school Bodyharmonics. Max is available for tui na massage here at The Isbourne and at his Home Studio in Prestbury, Cheltenham.

Max practices and teaches Wu Style tai chi and a variety of qigong sets including Dragon and Tiger, Tai Chi Circling Hands, Marriage of Heaven and Earth, The Five Keys and others. He has taught a weekly tai chi qigong class at The Isbourne since 2011 having qualified as an instructor with toaist lineage holder Bruce Frantciz school Energy Arts. Beginners will enjoy the benefits of the gentle circular and flowing movements. Improving strength, balance and coordination as well as calming the mind and nerves.

Improving, Max will help you to develop the more subtle internal skills which greatly enhance the benefits of our practice. Breathing, standing and movement. Whatever your healthcare goals, chi practices always leave you feeling refreshed, recharged and balanced. With many years’ experience in movement, massage and meditation Max delights in helping his students and clients along the way according to their varying needs and wishes.