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Dr Emma Riggs

Specialising in Clinical Psychological Assessment and Intervention

Dr Emma Riggs is a Chartered and Clinical Psychologist with clinics in Cheltenham and Cirencester. She integrates a number of therapeutic models. Emma has the British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies full accreditation and is trained in the use of EMDR to address trauma. During the assessment, she will derive a formulation with you to explain the difficulties you are experiencing, which then informs the choice of approach and probable duration of therapy.

Appointments typically last 1 hour. Emma has a specialist interest in therapy with people with long-term health conditions; trauma, memory difficulties; and the challenges presented by persistent physical symptoms for which no medical diagnosis has been found. She has worked with adults with diverse emotional and behavioral difficulties across a range of settings (more information on her website). 

Emma has worked in the NHS and in Private Practice with a range of client presentations, including health difficulties, mental health difficulties, neuropsychology and clinical forensic psychology.

She was awarded British Association of Cognitive and Behavioural Psychotherapies accreditation in 2012 and uses cognitive behavioral therapy integrated with other psychological theories in her practice.

Please telephone or email her if you would like to discuss whether she can be of help.