Maggie Martin

Maggie offers Acupuncture, Electro-Acupuncture and Myofascial Cold Cupping Therapy

As an experienced Naturopath and Acupuncturist, Maggie knows very well that optimum health, vitality and wellbeing is within reach for most of us.

Whether you want to have more energy, sleep better, relieve pain, get rid of anxiety or address your chronic health issues then Maggie can help.

The principal aim of her practice is to improve the health, vitality and wellbeing of her clients by providing a wide range of traditional medical treatments such as Acupuncture, Electro-Acupuncture and Myofascial Cold Cupping Technique. 

After studying Pedagogy, Psychology and Sociology, Maggie finished her university degree in 2001 as a Pedagogue at the Free University Berlin.

Maggie also has degrees in Naturopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine, is a qualified Acupuncturist and has a diploma in Naturopathy. 

In 2005 she started her own private practice in Germany and completed further studies in Classical Natural Medicine.

After moving to the UK, Maggie has started to practise Naturopathy and Acupuncture and has also completed additional training in Ear- and Electro-Acupuncture and Myofascial Cupping Therapy.