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Linda Gillatt

Offering NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), NLP New Code, Eriksonian & Neuro Hypnotherapy, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and multi-level therapy.

Fears of flying, spiders, heights, claustrophobia, driving, agoraphobia, eating disorders, anxiety and panic attacks? Or just plain lack of self-confidence holding you back from getting more from the personal and/or professional areas of your life? Sometimes you don’t even know why some things affect you more than others, but when you do find out you can either choose to control those things or release them. The sense of freedom is awesome.

Appointments with Linda focus on carefully finding the underlying reasons for your problems/issues/lack of self-confidence and then working to harness your inner strength allowing you to become fear/phobia free to live a happier, stronger, more confident life. Linda teaches clients self-help techniques to allow for rapid but solid results negating prolonged therapy treatment.

As a highly experienced Psychotherapist, Linda has successfully helped many clients using an extensive combination of skills, particularly over the past 16 years. She is caring and careful with every client who comes to see her. Linda is the Author of Release the Fear and Fly - a self-help book for people who feel anxious about flying, available at Amazon and Waterstones