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Helen de la Catherine

Specialising in Meditation and Mindfulness

Helen is a meditation/mindfulness teacher, offering beginner and intermediate in-person courses for adults.

Beginner courses are aimed at those with little or no experience of meditation and will introduce various types and techniques of meditation/mindfulness activity, with some information about each, to get you started on your meditation journey. The meditations will be reasonably short and fully guided.

Intermediate courses are aimed at those with some knowledge of meditation. The meditations will be longer than those on the beginner course, and some more advanced meditation types and techniques will be explored. Some information will also be provided about each type of meditation, to give a fuller understanding.  

Helen began her own meditation and mindfulness journey by looking for a way to help her cope with a chronic pain condition, anxiety, and OCD. She is now passionate about de-mystifying meditation and mindfulness and aiming to make them clear, enjoyable, and understandable for beginners or those nervous about learning.  

As an externally accredited meditation teacher, qualified with Distinction from the British School of Meditation, Helen’s aim is to help others find some peace in a stressful world and to experience the joy of the present moment.