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Craig Musty

Offering Life Coaching and NLP

Craig has always had an interest in personal development and helping others to get what they want from life. He has been a practicing Life Coach for over 10 years now and has qualifications in NLP, Hypnosis and Time-based techniques. This enables him to give clients and businesses more direction, a greater knowledge base and more options when choosing his services.

 ‘Helping you to get from where you are now, to where you want to be.’ Life coaching gives you the necessary tools to make your own changes in life; allowing you to raise motivation/ self-esteem and the ability to tackle limiting thoughts and beliefs. Life coaching processes tend to last between 6 - 18 sessions depending on the issue at hand and your ability to make positive changes in your life.

Craig has a background in teaching & Physical education and is willing to give fitness advice to assist the Life coaching process. The body and mind connection is well documented (Meta Medicine) and with strong links to the 'Community Fitness program' in Gloucestershire, Craig can offer specialised packages to support your well-being. 


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