Alicia Davies

Specialising in gong baths and guided meditation sessions

A practicing professional musician, artist and writer Alicia Davies was drawn to sound healing after experiencing some major life traumas of her own. The profound and long lasting effects of her first Gong Bath left no doubt that this was something worth persuing. Feeling the vibrations of the gong travelling over her body - even at some considerable distance from the gong master - was intriguing enough to cause her to seek out further experiences of it. She went on to train in the art of sound healing with gongs under Gong master Mark Swan.

Alicia is firmly of the belief, as Edgar Cayce once said, that 'Sound will be the future of medicine'. She runs sell out group sound bath sessions with a strong focus on reconnecting people to the heart and soul of our beautiful planet. This Earth-centred approach is behind her choice to work under the name of Earth Song Sound Healing. 

Working mainly with Gongs from Paiste's Planet Gong series - accompanied by other healing instruments - Alicia uses uniquely created guided meditations to deepen the transformative effects of the Gongs.