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Beth Forrester

Offering Intuitive Tarot Readings

Beth works as an Intuitive Tarot reader, using a heart centred approach.  Many of us have lost touch with our intuitive selves completely, and we can find ourselves feeling anxious, confused, stuck, or without meaning in our lives. Tarot is a beautiful, gentle but powerful way of looking at our life through symbols.

She uses Tarot as an illuminating tool, encouraging a meaningful reconnection with our intuition and a richer, more symbolic life, enabling us to grow and evolve in ways that can be truly transformative. By using the archetypal imagery within Tarot, we learn to hear the voice of our intuition, and by listening to our deeper, wilder ways of knowing, we can build a stronger relationship with our own innate wisdom. We gain personal clarity, direction and freedom, as well as an empowering sense of autonomy.

Sessions are hour-long, although longer sessions can be arranged. Beth will talk to you about the situations and feelings in your life, the potential reasons that you have come for your reading. You can say as much or as little as you want, but talking is where this process comes to life. Either Beth or the client will pick some cards, and Beth will talk with you about what she sees, feels and intuits in your time together. You will leave with some new ways of seeing the situations in your life, and a stronger sense of who you are, what you want, and where you might like to focus going forward. Sessions with Beth can be one-off, or ongoing regular appointments, whatever feels right for each client.

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