Book Review: What Is Numerology – Sonia Ducie

October 30th, 2017

I started reading this book about two months ago but put it down soon after as I couldn’t get into it. The main reason I found it so hard was because the author suggested for the first two chapters that numerology could change my life, adjust my outlook and assist in my personal relationships, but by the end of Chapter 2 I still had no idea as to how. In my opinion there was too much build-up to the subject before it actually got stuck into the content. It has taken me two months to pick it back up again and persevere to the end.What-is-Numerology-e1477306793919

This “fun-sized” little book was perfect to carry around in my handbag (which I did!) – I just wish that the content had been as fun! For people who are already invested in the spiritual world this book will most definitely be of interest, but as a bit of a holistic novice I found I couldn’t take the number explanations seriously as they were so diverse. My feeling was that, having read an explanation against any given number, anybody could have found a sentence or two that would match how they perceive themselves or how they are feeling on any given day. I also found that some of the explanations contradicted themselves and this left me very confused (and even more sceptical!).

I did try to open my mind, and I can see that some people would be able completely immerse themselves in this world and use this cute little book as a bible, following it to the letter. I can also see how some people might use numerology to plan their days/years/lives using the explanations given in the book, in an attempt to ‘steer’ their own future. The examples given on how to work out your special numbers were good and very easy to follow.

Having read the entire book I still can’t say exactly how numerology is going to help me. It didn’t make me think, ‘Wow, I can now see myself in a completely different light’. I was a bit disappointed that the book didn’t have me rapt and wanting to learn more.

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Want to challenge this review? Everyone responds to books differently so pick up a copy of What Is Numerology? by Sonia Ducie and try it out for yourself!

With thanks to Lorraine Duffield for the review.