Quality Endorse Your Training

Are your training courses currently without any accreditation from a national awarding body or endorsement from a professional association? Whether you’re a private training provider, or a company delivering your own in-house training programmes, we can help you raise the quality bar of your training via our Open College Network West Midlands Quality Endorsement Licence.


Whether you are a training company or an individual trainer, by working with our Education Team to Quality Endorse your training courses you will be adding real quality to your clients’ learning experience. As well as the added value of working with other education specialists - in what is sometimes a very isolating area of professional work - you will also be able to provide your students with a recognised certificate of achievement from a national awarding organisation when they complete your training. This is a welcome addition to any professional CV, and an attractive incentive for clients to choose your training above others.


Find out how your in-house training can become more robust and your staff engagement increased, by Quality Endorsing your existing training programmes. Transform your training into a course staff can confidently add to their CV, with a certificate of achievement on completion from a national awarding organisation.

For more information on these opportunities please contact Joanna Hill on 01242 544 566 or joanna.hill@isbourne.org