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Martin Van Zyl

Offering Osteopathy and stress management

Martin offers Osteopathy (both Cranial and Mechanical) for treatment of babies, children and adults. The treatment of babies are for those with Colic, sleeping problems, irritability or behavioural issues. Whilst treatments for adolescents and adults help those with muscular / skeletal issues and stress management.

Qualifying from the British School of Osteopathy in 1988, and in Autogenic Stress Management in 1995, Martin offers a deep understanding of how the body works and how to resolve pain in the body and mind. He does this using cranial and mechanical osteopathy and stress management - Working on the muscles, joints and the lack of flow energetically in and around the body.

Martin says that he has always been a searcher for wisdom, both ancient and new, finding his spiritual path and dedicating himself to the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path (an Ancient Shamanic Pathway first formed in 1245 in Mexico) and feels this gives him an extra edge in his life processing and his work. What is important to him now is connecting with people and making their lives easier, in whatever way is possible.