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Katie Muldoon

Offering Personal Coaching, Executive and Leadership Coaching

Katie is the Founder and Director of Yellowrattle Coaching Ltd -  a leadership transition and personal coach.

To create positive futures, it matters how we feel, how we act and how we relate to others in the spaces we operate in. If work is somewhere that feels blocked, brings frustration and is limited in creativity and enjoyment, Katie’s coaching technique is designed to explore what's behind it and help you discover what's in your control to change.

Katie’s approach is built on her experience as a leader in austere and challenging environments in the military, where she designed and evolved ways to build high performing teams in high stake, high consequence situations.

The approach she developed empowered individuals, built their confidence and trusted them with developing their own approach to support the mission outcomes. When she left the military in 2014, she designed her leadership of change approach around this concept and has subsequently coached Public Sector leaders, Management Consultants, Founders in ScaleUp and Future Talent cohorts.

People contact her when it’s high stakes: a founder scaling up, a change in career, or significant decision times. They want autonomy over their decisions and understand the influences acting upon them, and she coaches them to choose their own path.

Why Yellowrattle? Katie chose to name it after the plant 'Yellow Rattle' - Yellow Rattle is scattered to improve diversity, it then allows other plants to flourish and becomes a meadow-maker. Katie believes when people are living and relating authentically, they will create an environment that allows others to do so as well; they will be meadow-makers.

Katie’s signature coaching programme is 7 sessions, which are either 60 or 90 minutes long. The sessions are recommended to take place every 2 weeks.

For those who have gone through the programme, or have specific timescales, a bespoke programme can be tailored.

Sessions are offered face-to-face in Cheltenham or online via video conference, please book a complimentary 30-minute call to find out more