Claire Bodilly

This workshop is a four hour workshop where you will learn about pendulums and how to care for them. You will learn how to use them for healing and to receive information using various charts. You will also receive a 30+ page colour booklet with charts to take home to continue your practice.

The event is aimed at anyone who has an interest in energy and dowsing and is keen to learn new skills or refresh old ones. Bring along your own pendulums and also have the opportunity to use an ISIS pendulum. These will be available to buy if you wish.

You will learn:

  • The differences between a crystal pendulum and a metal or wood pendulum.
  • What is an ISIS pendulum? How to care for it and use it
  • How to receive and send healing using the ISIS pendulum
  • How to check the energy of a person, animal, property or item using the Bovis Scale
  • How to dowse for information
  • How to use different charts for information and healing, including The Emotion Code chart (Claire is an Emotion Code, Body Code and Belief Code Practitioner)
  • What is a Pendulum Decree? There are several pages of suggested decrees for you to use and practice with
  • How to heal your home using a pendulum and Feng Shui Bagua

Come along for a relaxed few hours to meet like-minded people and to hopefully learn something new, whether it is how to use a pendulum, or how to use it in a new way for healing and receiving information from charts.

Hot drinks will be available during the session, however you will need to bring your own:

  • Water bottle 
  • Snack (optional)
  • A pen and notepad
  • Your own pendulums if you already have some. (A pendulum will be available for you to use and purchase if you wish on the day).

Unfortunately, we are unable to supply any of these for the foreseeable future.

Drop-ins can not be accommodated at this time so please book in advance.

Please note: The Isbourne operates a minimum number policy. This means that if our minimum number is not met 24 hours before the session is scheduled to run, then we reserve the right to cancel the session. If you have paid a set fee for the cancelled session, you will get a full refund. Donations are non-refundable. We, therefore, advise customers to secure their place as soon as possible to avoid any disappointment. The Isbourne’s minimum number policy is under the guidance of the tutor running the session. Thank you for your understanding.

As a wellbeing and educational charity, The Isbourne aims to make its courses and workshops accessible to all regardless of income. We have researched how other organisations fund their courses and come up with a three tier pricing system:

Supported rate: this fee is less than the Standard and allows anyone with financial challenges to still participate. You do not have to show proof, this is offered on trust.

Standard rate: this is how much we would like all participants to pay as it covers The Isbourne costs and supports the tutor.
Sponsor rate: this is a little more than the Standard fee and allows you to subsidise and support others who might not be able to pay the Standard fee.

You choose what tier of payment best suits you - no questions asked!