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The Isbourne has hosted talks by many illustrious Guest Speakers over the years including the late Professor Masuro Emoto who studied the effect of the mind and intention on water crystals; the influential American author Byron Katie; Brandon Bays whose 'Journeywork' introduced a new way to understand illness; pioneering nutritionist Patrick Holford; ex-pharmaceutical chemist Dr David Hamilton; spiritual author Diana Cooper; and researcher into ancient civilisations Graham Hancock, to name but a few.

Most of our Guest Speaker talks are on a Monday evening and are followed by refreshments and book-signing by the author. Some of our Guest Speakers also run weekend workshops at The Isbourne.

Look for our Early Bird Discounts, and if you are aged 18-29 you can sign up for your FREE Wellbeing Pass and save a massive 50% off the full price on Guest Speaker events and our full range of Quality Endorsed courses. Pop into reception with your ID to get started.