EFT (also known as “tapping”) is a simple stress-relieving technique that individuals can easily learn and use to quickly calm themselves in moments of stress or worry. EFT allows you to think and feel more clearly, often within a few minutes. The technique involves tapping on acupressure points on the body whilst using breathing work and visualisations as a simple and discreet way of calming yourself down during stressful or difficult times. Studies show that EFT works by calming the stress centres in the brain that initiate the flight or fight reaction by releasing feel-good hormones such as endorphins. It is a unique tool that once learned can become a vital part of maintaining wellbeing and resilience for life.


Key benefits for staff:

  • Reducing short term chronic stress
  • Decreasing fatigue and boosting energy levels
  • Reducing feelings of anxiety and depression
  • Improving performance and focus

For more information on these opportunities please contact Joanna Hill on 01242 544 566 or joanna.hill@isbourne.org