We tend to believe that success leads to happiness, when in fact research shows it is the other way around. Studies consistently indicate that happier people are not only physically healthier, they are also more resilient, work more efficiently and are far more productive. A lack of emotional self-control is known to increase stress and anxiety and decrease the quality of life and relationships. Happy staff create a positive atmosphere, their motivation is increased, as is their engagement and productivity. In this session, you will learn how to recognise your own emotions, how to manage them effectively and how to establish a simple daily routine for developing a positive growth mindset. 


Key benefits for your staff:

  • Improved emotional self-management for better resilience and mental wellbeing
  • Understanding of emotional triggers
  • A happier, more productive workforce with a reduction in absenteeism

For more information on these opportunities please contact Joanna Hill on 01242 544 566 or joanna.hill@isbourne.org