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Valentina Correa Bove

Offering Crystal Therapy & Obsidian Therapy

Valentina Correa Bove is a Crystal and Obsidian Therapist Master.  She believes that crystals are a naturally occurring, widely available and ancient resource that can give us the opportunity to connect with ourselves; they support healing and shift and lift our energy while bringing joy back to our lives.

Valentina uses different healing techniques using crystals, minerals and Obsidian that can support you with your inner journey of healing, promoting wellbeing and increasing energy levels as well as helping you to gain a more positive outlook on life. Over the past twenty years, she has experienced a profound interest in personal and spiritual development. 

She offers an initial free 20 minutes exploratory consultation and then the Crystal Therapy as a 6 weeks course meeting (for an hour once a week). The Obsidian Therapy meetings are at longer intervals mostly on a monthly basis. She offers her Therapies either in person or remotely. She also offers the crystals and minerals sets together with Obsidian geometries that will be needed for the healing method.

Valentina is certified by the International Society of Obsidian Therapists and the Public Secretary of Education in Mexico (SEP). Over the last five years, she has been specialising and gaining extensive experience, in the Crystals and Obsidian healing method developed by Master Ana Silvia Serrano which she studied in Mexico, France and Barcelona. Valentina has helped many women, men and children in the UK and internationally to regain well-being using the healing method with Crystals and Obsidian.