Teresa Moorey

Specialising in counselling, hypnotherapy, reiki, EFT, nature worship and astrology

Life is the art of asking the right questions, rather than finding correct answers.

Although I may not always have realised this, it has been my guiding principle since I was small, and my favourite word was 'Why?'.   Since the age of 13 I earnestly studied all aspects of the esoteric, from reincarnation to astrology.

While my first two sons were growing up I decided to formalise my knowledge and learnt astrology with the Faculty of Astrological Studies. I gained their Diploma, Gold Medal and Veritas Award in 1989. At the same time I trained as a counsellor with the Gloucestershire Counselling Service, completing my post-graduate placement in 1993. I also trained as a hypnotherapist with the South Worcestershire College of Hypnotherapy. In the same decade I became a Third Degree Wiccan High Priestess. Since then I have also become a Reiki healer, qualified in EFT and gained an MA in Cultural Cosmology.

I have written over 50 books on astrology, paganism, shamanism, herbs, crystals, psychic protection, spirit guides, vampires, fairies, graphology, myths and Earth Mysteries. Magazine features and columns have followed, including the 'Stars' page for Mizz, Slimming Magazine, Here's Health, Woman and Slim at Home. I now write regularly for Kindred Spirit, Spirit & Destiny and Chat It's Fate magazines, while practicing as a therapist.

They say it is 'more pleasant to travel hopefully than to arrive'. I am still travelling and asking questions, but a spiritual, holistic viewpoint means that the path is full of enchantment, and is in itself the destination. I like to try to communicate this perspective to others.

Website: http://teresamooreytherapies.co.uk
Phone: 07833 752 173
Email: priestessofisis@rocketmail.com