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Shannon O'Flaherty

Offers Shamanic energy medicine and Theta Healing

Shannon has a 20-year private practice in Shamanic Energy medicine and Limiting Belief work. She also takes small groups to Peru annually on spiritual healing trips. Currently living in the UK she was born and raised in New York and Argentina she is a certified, registered celebrant. Her heart path is Incan Shamanism and she is a full mesa carrier. Shannon considers herself very blessed to have studied with so many Master Teachers. She has studied Transactional Analysis, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Transpersonal Psychology, Psychic Development, Shamanism, Theta Healing and Eden Energy Medicine.

She offers Shamanic energy medicine, Chakra balancing and Cleansing and Theta healing, which works with changing the limiting beliefs, behaviours and actions that are embedded in the neural pathways in our brains. Using somatic viewing, muscle testing and dialogue Theta healing aims to find out the roots of what's holding people back. She states that clients come away feeling lighter, with clarity and understanding. Depending on the issue, pain can be relieved and/or they can have a massive life changing experience.

Shannon is an avid traveller, Ceroc dancer and writer. She is most fascinated by people's relationships with themselves, shifting energy and helping people transcend their limitations.