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Sarah Bradley

Sarah Bradley, of Apricot Lane Coaching, provides Life Coaching to individuals, couples and businesses

Sarah offers face to face life coaching for individuals looking to make changes and move forward in any aspect of their life. As your coach, Sarah won’t be giving you answers or advice. She will listen without judgement to what you have to say. She will work with you to unravel confusion and find the clarity and confidence you need to develop ideas and solutions or maybe even take a risk or two!

Sarah is a qualified coach with a Diploma in Coaching from Warwick University and a Certificate in Life Coaching from Gloucestershire College. She is also a qualified teacher with over 30 years of experience in a wide range of schools.

In her 50-odd years on the planet, Sarah has experienced highs and lows, changes in relationships, career challenges, grief and loss, happiness, sadness, anxiety and contentment.

She brings her personal strengths and qualities to her coaching practice; compassion, connection, reflection, authenticity and purpose.