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Reb Veale

Offers INLPTA accredited Neuro-Linguistic Programming training.

In the field of mBraining, Reb was in the first UK & European mBIT Coach Certification group in 2013, training with both of the co-authors, Marvin Oka and Grant Soosalu. She was in the first 50 mBIT Trainers in the world and was one of the first 12 mBIT Master Coaches to be certified.

In addition to her passion for mBIT training and coaching, Reb is also an INLPTA NLP Master Trainer; facilitating NLP training from 4 day Diploma up to the international INLPTA NLP Trainers Training every other year.  She believes that NLP adds phenomenal value that every human would benefit from adding to their toolkit.

Reb is the co-author of range of coach development card products – GROW model coaching, developing emotional intelligence, building personal resilience.

Reb believes that her ongoing coaching and supervision practise informs her own learning, which equally informs what and how she teachs coaches.

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