Rachel Shackleton

Offering Herbal Medicine, Naturopathy and Kinesiology

Offering Herbal Medicine, Naturopathy and Therapeutic Energy Kinesiology to restore the body and mind back to homeostatic balance – full health and wellbeing.

Rachel's goal is to work with her clients in restoring mind, body and spirit back to full health and wellbeing, through herbal medicine, naturopathy and kinesiology - both Classical and Therapeutic Energy Kinesiology. By looking at the whole body as opposed to individual parts, with the correct triggers, lifestyle changes and positivity, the body is able to heal itself. Through her own life experiences, Rachel has learned that dis-balance in the body causes ill health on the physical level in both mind and body.

Rachel is a member of the Association of Master Herbalists (MAMH), The General Naturopathic Council and the Naturopathic Nutrition Association (NNA) a Fresh Air Fridays facilitator and Secretary of the Herb Society.