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Rachel Shackleton

Offering Herbal Medicine, Naturopathy and Kinesiology

Rachel’s belief is in the innate power of the body and mind to heal itself to bountiful health and energy with the correct triggers, lifestyle changes, nature and positivity. Through her own experiences, she learned that imbalance in the body causes ill health on both the physical and emotional levels.

Using nature’s medicine chest, she specialises in restoring mind, body, spirit back to full health and wellbeing, through herbal medicine, naturopathy and kinesiology.

Many conditions respond well to a natural approach, stimulating the body’s innate healing mechanism, whilst working alongside allopathic medicine safely to boost healing, limit effects of treatment on other body functions, enhance allopathic medications, as well as protect damage to healthy cells.

Rachel offers an initial consultation of 1.5 hours which includes taking a full case history as well as a kinesiology treatment. Combining the two, you would then be prescribed supplements that will continue the healing process. Supplements might include herbs in tincture or dried form, orchid essences, flower formulas and/or vitamins and minerals.  Follow-up sessions are one hour.  

Consultations can be conducted online (excluding kinesiology) or face-to-face.

Rachel is a member of the Association of Master Herbalists (MAMH), The General Naturopathic Council (GNC) the Naturopathic Nutrition Association (NNA). In addition, she is a Fresh Air Fridays facilitator and the Secretary of the Herb Society - a charity for promoting the enjoyment of herbs in the home.