Patricia Fleming

Offering Writing for Wellbeing

After gaining a first class honours degree in Creative Writing from the University of Birmingham, I became interested in how writing might be used to provide a therapeutic benefit to people suffering from stress or trauma. A search online brought up the Metanoia Institute - part of the University of Middlesex - and I successfully completed their Postgraduate Certificate in Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes in 2015. The course showed the many ways in which writing can be used to support us in times of difficulty, but also how it can help us process the ups and downs of normal, daily life.

The workshops I offer include some of the background to the therapeutic application of writing, as well as providing a safe and supportive space in which you will be able to explore themes and ideas and respond to these as well as the feelings that you associate with them. The insights that arise out of our reading and discussion can be surprising, funny, sad or uplifting - but always meaningful and personal to you.

This year I will also be offering two 8-week courses as an Introduction to Creative Writing, for anyone who feels they would like to try their hand at writing creatively, to see how it feels, to overcome any shyness at the thought of writing, to get it right, get it wrong and realize that they’re both okay. Over the course of 8 weeks we will look at different writing genres, learning the basic requirements of each form and having an opportunity to read examples from published works for guidance and inspiration. In small groups, in a safe and supportive atmosphere, you will be able to explore your creativity and see where your ideas take you!