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Mark Deacon

Offering mBIT Coach Certification and NLP Training

Mark is an mBIT Trainer  (multiple Brain Integration Techniques), Master Coach and NLP Trainer. He has a background in production management, and operations consulting and these days, offers executive coaching to senior leaders in manufacturing and other corporate environments. He is pragmatic, funny and has a gift for finding analogies that provide an everyday context in training. He is also co-author of a ground-breaking psychometric on entrepreneurship.

Together with Reb Veale, he provides the highest standard of ethical and professional NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) training and certification. They train from Diploma, through Practitioner, Master Practitioner and to Trainers Training level. They also train and certify people as mBIT Coaches (carries ICF credits and AC Award). mBIT enables people to make wiser and sustainable decisions for themselves, ensuring congruence with head, heart and gut.

They bring together the most cutting-edge neuroscience with ancient wisdom traditions and feel blessed to have trained people from all walks of life, including reiki practitioners, yogis, therapists, teachers, doctors, midwives, existing coaches, business leaders and many more. Mark and Reb's interest is in sharing these modalities generatively, to enable participants to add these frames and methodologies to their existing practice to have even more tools to support themselves, their businesses and clients in optimal ways. They consider what they do as a true privilege.