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Mark Deacon

Offering INLPTA accredited Neuro-Linguistic Programming training

In the field of mBraining, Mark has been trained by one of the co-authors Grant Soosalu. He was in the first 50 mBIT Trainers in the world and was one of the first 12 mBIT Master Coaches to be certified.

Mark regularly uses mBIT with senior executives and leadership team members.

Mark is the co-author of a range of coach development card products – GROW model coaching, developing emotional intelligence, building personal resilience, successful appraisals.

In addition to coaching and coach training, Mark designs and delivers bespoke leadership programs to industry and commerce that focus on self-development, inner leadership, the discovery of values, strengths, motivations and beliefs.

Marks belief is that we constantly have the opportunity for growth and learning and it is through self-reflection and inner connection we find and understand our own failings and opportunities.