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Magdalena Vonk

Offering EFT, NLP, Massage Therapy and Stretching.

Magdalena provides 1-2-1 massage therapy sessions, massage workshops, online self-massage sessions where you can learn how to use acupressure points and simple massage strokes to ease aches and pains.

Tapping is based on using the same points as acupressure /acupuncture. This technique teaches clients how to control and reduce stress, lower cortisol, improve sleep, reduce anxiety, and improve confidence with the use of pressure points and short meditations.

Stretching and strength-building sessions are designed with a thought of you as an individual. Sessions focus on your strengths and work on your weak points. Sessions consist of some basic yoga and Pilates-based stretching sequences and bodyweight exercises. You will not need any equipment for these sessions other than your matt.

Her Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) 1-2-1 sessions take place online via Zoom or Skype. These sessions will enable you to have a working understanding of what NLP is and how we can use it in our everyday lives to become more effective communicators and to achieve goals successfully. The goal of NLP is not to change your reality but to change the way how you experience it.

Magdalena also offers a variety of Massage Therapies including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Table Thai Massage and Thai Foot massage and Pregnancy massage.