Leah Robinson

Offering Meditation and Drawing Courses


Gateway to Meditation - 8 week course

1 hr 45 mins. £140

Introducing simple meditation techniques for the modern mind. This course is available to all and is especially suitable for those who struggle with a busy mind or with mental health in some way. We explore a little about the interconnected systems within the mind and body, how they are affected by each other and the environment. We learn that by stimulating internal pathways, we can create change within. Various meditative practices, yoga nidra, sharing of the experience within the group and voice recordings to use at home for futher practice.

Perhaps you are ready ... ?


Meditation for the Modern Mind

1 hr 30 mins.  Weekly class. £12 a session

The constant demands of modern life put particular mental and emotional strain on the human organism. The rate of change in the outside world, is not necessarily reflected in the speed of our own evolution. We need tools and resources to help us deal with the ever changing environment we find oursleves in. We need to remember our connection to the natural world and to ourselves.


Creative Drawing - 6 week course

1hr 30 mins. £90 (plus £20 contribution towards provided materials)

Leah combines her artistic capabilities with intuitive people skills to deliver lively and intuitive drawing classes. She has experience working within the mental health field, but these sessions are for everyone! We learn to give form to thoughts and feelings, working towards developing images that are personal to you. We learn that our own visual language is unique to us, that there are no mistakes, only the energy and intention of your process.


About Leah:

Leah is an artist & teacher by profession, inspired by the creative connection between body, mind & soul. She has developed a strong transformational yoga practice over a number of years and is qualified to facilitate meditational practices for the modern mind, having studied neurobiology, mental health and meditation.

Combining her natural creativity with an unfolding conscious mindscape, she loves to share her gifts with others. She believes that through working creatively with the body mind, we can stimulate our intuition, creative problem solving and strengthen our ability to live in alignment with our own true nature.