Laura Pardoe

Specialising in Natural Skincare

Laura is a plantswoman and natural skincare formulator. She values the seasonal plants that we can gather locally and uses these in blend-it-yourself skincare to bring a connection with nature into our daily routines. Author of Vital Skincare, she is dedicated to informing and empowering all to blend their own natural skincare. Under her brand, Field Fresh Skincare, she offers blend-it-yourself skincare kits as an easy starting point for making creams and balms.

How to blend your own natural skincare using the herbs that grow around us

Nature provides wonderful plants and herbs, many found in gardens and hedgerows. What to use when, and how, is vital knowledge. In this workshop we start simply to create your basic grounding in herbal skincare.
You’ll build confidence in creating your own infusions, decoctions and macerations and learn how to use these to best effect in creating your own skincare.

Our skin has affinity with the plants that grow in the environment we live in. It’s well worth getting to know the humble plants that we encounter nearby and how they can help us. We’ll look at some of the herbs available to us through the changing seasons and the beneficial properties these bring to our skincare.

We will make at least three products for you to take away using seasonal herbs, plus look at lots of ingredients and options. We let the discussion follow your interests and make sure you get a good understanding of how you can get closer to nature each day by incorporating herbs and flowers in your skincare.

Natural ways to cleanse and how to blend your own.

Cleansing is fundamental to healthy skin, something we should do daily. How did you learn this vital life skill? And has your approach changed through the years as your skin changes?

Come and learn about the many different natural approaches to cleansing, make cleansing creams to take away and build inspiration for fresh, natural cleansing products you can make through the seasons.

Nature provides numerous beneficial plants that can help in our cleansing, without damaging our skin. In this workshop we’ll look at the options available and begin to learn which ones suit your skin. Working with herbs connects you to nature bringing joy into your life on a daily basis.

Natural ways to moisturise and how to blend your own

Your skin is losing moisture the whole time so it’s important to keep replenishing and nourishing it.

Come and learn about your skin’s needs and the many different natural products you can create to help feed and care for it. Know how to work in harmony with your skin’s natural process to keep everything in balance.

Many off-the-shelf moisturising products can do more harm than good to our skin. We need to have confidence in reading the ingredients on the back of the product and knowing which we trust on our skin. Here we look at examples and build your confidence to make the choices that are right for you.

In this workshop you’ll learn about the wonderful ingredients provided by nature to use in creating your own moisturising products to suit your skin.

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