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Kimberley Pena

Specialising in Dance Movement Psychotherapy

Kimberley Pena M.A. is a registered and licensed Dance Movement Psychotherapist and Mental Health Practitioner specialising in supporting management and recovery of Eating Disorders, Self Harming Behaviours, Trauma, Depression, Anxiety, Addiction, Work-Related Stress, Attachment difficulties within relationships.

Kimberley works in both the NHS mental health services and within her own private practice based in Cheltenham. Dance Movement Psychotherapy is accredited by the Association of Dance Movement Psychotherapy UK and is a recognised underU.K.C.P. (United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy).
Kimberley’s practise is an integrative approach with a person-centred focus. Her approach allows space for each session to adapt to the needs arising in the space, moving away from 'one size suits all' focus. 

Kimberley’s practise is a safe, confidential space for this unfolding to begin. No experience in dance or movement is required just your presence in the space is enough. 

To contact Kimberley please visit her website.

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