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Kate Collier

Specialising in Identity Constellations workshops

Kate has facilitated constellations at the Isbourne for 10 years and is a Senior UK IoPT Practitioner. She is a registered member of the BACP and EFTi and experienced family constellations during her Post-Grad Dip in Psychosynthesis Counselling in London. Kate did immersion training in the USA with the late Bert Hellinger - founder of the method - and trained in Systemic Constellations with Dr Albrecht Mahr in Oxford.

She has also completed 8 years of study in Identity-oriented Constellations with Vivian Broughton and Franz Ruppert, the founder of IoPT. Kate ran a workshop on the Trauma of Medical Intervention at the IoPT Conference in Munich in Oct 2016. 

Kate sees clients online for 1:1 IoPT therapy and runs monthly morning and evening online workshops. She is an Advanced Practitioner of EFT and offers sessions resolving trauma integrating the IoPT process and EFT. She has founded her own method of mandala constellations + IoPT working with the images of a personal mandala.

IoPT is an embodied process that facilitates self-encounter through your Intention and through resonance with the parts of yourself split from early trauma and survival. It’s an opportunity to explore any issue affecting you. Who we are is always in process and through the IoPT method, you may increasingly experience a greater sense of aliveness, self-love, physical health and healthy autonomy. This happens as you free and integrate these unconscious parts of yourself.

Kate has also has contributed to a book by Franz Ruppert on physical illness and co-edited ‘becoming your true self’ by Vivian Broughton.

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