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Jenny Steele

Offering ITM Alexander Technique

Workshops in the Alexander Technique introduce the basic ideas put together by FM Alexander, to enable individuals to find more freedom and ease and be more mindful of everyday movement. Anyone who experiences restriction, stiffness, or pain in daily activities (such as sitting at your desk, walking, or getting out of a chair) and more specialised activities (such as playing a musical instrument or singing) can benefit from learning this work.

The workshops comprise of an introductory talk and a hands-on experience of a first lesson. This explores the work of FM Alexander, how and why it all came about and the physiologic principles behind it. A simple exploration of human structure shines a light on how we are designed to move and how we can direct ourselves in movement.

The hands-on lesson usually takes place seated in a chair. Jenny will use her hands in a gentle form of manipulation together with discussion and questions to understand more about how we are designed to move. As an additional follow-on, a series of lessons are offered for a group of up to 6 people, or individual lessons if preferred.

Jenny is a certified teacher of the ITM Alexander Technique. In addition to teaching the Alexander technique, she is also a musician and instrumental teacher. She has worked as a horn player, brass teacher and conductor for the past 30 years. She began her Alexander training in 2008 and qualified in 2012.  She particularly enjoys working with musicians in order to help others learn this work for themselves, so that they, too can experience the simple changes and life-enhancing improvements that can be achieved by learning a simple process of directing oneself in movement.