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Jenny Steele

Offering ITM Alexander Technique

FM Alexander's work has been around for a long time - well over 100 years - and in that time has helped countless people change and improve their lives. In these sessions, you will explore with Jenny the basic ideas, principles and discoveries of FM Alexander and through a practical approach, learn how to apply the ideas to everyday life. In the ITM approach to teaching, lessons are given in the context of a group, so that each participant not only has a one-to-one interaction with the teacher, but also the opportunity to observe lessons, providing a wider and more enriched learning experience. By using a combination of questions, reasoning and hands-on interactions you will begin to see that just by making a different decision about how to move, you can find greater ease, more poise and better co-ordination.

In addition to her teaching Alexander’s work, Jenny is a musician, instrumental teacher and conductor. Her first Alexander lesson was in 1994 and she says probably, like most people when they go along for their first lessons, she thought the teacher would sort her out within a few lessons, make her look better, feel better and play the horn far more easily. Well, that didn’t happen immediately! Just like most people who engage with these ideas, she realised she needed to work at things and study before she started to own the ideas for herself.

Jenny first experienced the Interactive Teaching Method for teaching Alexander’s work at the summer workshop in Cirencester in 2004 and on returning to work afterward, reported to her line manager that she had just been on a course that had changed her life!  Jenny then signed up for a 4-year teacher training course in 2008 and certified as a teacher in 2012.