Jenny Etheredge

Specialising in Yoga Classes, Henna Workshops and Somatic Movement Exercise Classes

Jenny is a Soft Tissue Therapist and Somatic Movement Coach, specialising in treating acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions. Through hands on treatment and gentle somatic exercises, Jenny will help you regain an awareness of your body and help to relieve patterns of tension, stress and pain, leading to improved posture, movement and wellbeing.

Jenny is also a Yoga Teacher with a special interest in in women’s health & well-being. Her love of India and Yoga has led to her studying the Indian healing system of Ayurveda and incorporates aspects of this into her treatments and classes. On her first visit to India, she fell in love with henna and enjoys sharing this sacred artform with others.

Well Woman Yoga Classes

Jenny’s Well Woman Yoga Classes take a yoga therapy approach to women’s health, vitality & well-being, sharing supportive and nourishing practices for women in all stages of life, including practices for healthy menstruation, menstrual challenges, menopause (peri & post) as well as those for women’s general health.

Classes incorporate asana, breathwork, deep relaxation, mantra and mudra along with modern and ancient practical wisdom that will help you to discover and nurture your feminine shakti energy. You will learn gentle sequences & self-care practices that will nourish mind, body & spirit.

Jenny will help you to tap into the power of cyclical patterns present in all our lives. Learn how to connect to your body’s natural rhythms and cycles and how to use this knowledge to create balance and ease in your life.

Henna Workshops

Mehndi (henna) is a sacred art form that is practised in Indian, Middle Eastern and North African countries, mainly by women. Used at marriages and festivals, it is a ritual that is used to invite grace, prosperity and happiness into one’s lives and homes.

At this workshop, you will learn the history and traditions of this beautiful art form and the meanings of some of the signs and symbols used in different cultures, as well as making your own paste and cones and then creating some beautiful designs. You will also cover the necessary health & safety of henna including the dangers of black henna.
Please bring along a glass container with a lid (a large jam jar will be fine) in order to make up your own paste.

Somatic Classes

Somatic Movement Education is a gentle system of exercise that brings about an ease and freedom of movement in the body. Gentle, mindful exercises are done with a spirit of investigation into one’s body, helping to create a deeper awareness and allowing you to release holding patterns that cause pain and restrict movement.

In these classes, you will learn how to release and let go of tight, painful muscles, layer by layer. Working from the inside out, you will develop a new flexibility and freedom in your everyday movements.

Somatic Movement Education is for anyone who has chronic pain, aches or stiffness or for those who just want to keep their body youthful.

Please bring along a mat if you have one.

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