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Jaqui Fabian

Offering Spiritual Healing, Timeline Therapy, Energy Matrix Readings, Multidimensional Healing and Spiritual Coaching & Development

Never feeling like she fitted in, Jaqui left school totally unclear about what she wanted to do with her life.  She tried art, music, then, after a stint of office work in London, she fell into a teaching job in Adult Education.  She found, as a natural empath, her true strength was in empowering her learners, whatever age and background they came from.  Her natural interest in people and their stories led her to study psychology, gaining her BSc in the topic in 2002.  Around the same time, a serendipitous introduction to energy work helped her understand why she could sense others’ feelings and thoughts – it was all there in their energy fields.  She found energy was her natural language, and also her passion.

Jaqui did her Healer Training with the NFSH (now The Healing Trust), qualifying in 2004, and has been working with healing energies ever since, growing her practice, developing her own unique approach.  She is totally fascinated by how the human energy matrix reflects a person’s belief system and self-talk. 

Always learning something new, Jaqui began to explore the Mayan calendar and other predictions of shifts in time and space around the year 2012.  Recognising that this shift had actually taken place, she began learning gathering new tools for a new way of working.

Aiming always to empower others, she has not only created a new way of working in one-to-one therapy sessions, but also a series of workshops to help others manifest their brightest and best potentials, both for themselves and for the planet we inhabit.


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