Jaimie Cahlil

Offering psychotherapy and counselling – with mindfulness

Down-to-earth psychospiritual therapy. Jaimie works with those in emotional/psychological crisis, and with complex deep-rooted issues – including dissociative states of unreality – as well as those struggling with anxiety, stress, lost-ness, unease, etc, Jaimie also specialises in working with those interested in personal development and spiritual development, and invites you to experience and explore your deep being through mindful awareness, sensing, body language, meditation, and Jungian archetypes, while deepening your sense of being as you ‘come home’.

Jaimie Cahlil – UKCP Reg. Professional background: fine art, education, mental health. Spiritual practice: meditation (since 1988), intuitive art. Private practice (Integrative & Transpersonal) est. 2002.