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Jack Stewart

Offering psychotherapy and healing

Jack Stewart BA, MSc, has specialised in personal growth and development, healing, therapy and writing for over 40 years. He has been a change agent, management consultant, personnel professional, and magazine publisher; served as a university lecturer and examiner and has co-authored three books on organisational change and parenting. Since 1995 he has had a private psychotherapy practice, and is qualified to master trainer level in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Jack has run dozens of NLP courses, and taught healing all over the UK, Ireland, Greece and Cyprus.

Every session with Jack begins with the question “What do you want?” a fundamental, life-changing question which covers health, career, relationships and…life. You are now disposed to this outcome, and his task is to help you engage your considerable “resources” and let go of conscious and subconscious “blocks”, beliefs and possible traumas recently or historically acquired. Should you wish, once free of limitations, you can move forward to a life of significance. By combining the power of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) with the exciting and proven Healing Code process, you will discover you are able make amazing progress

He is also skilled and qualified in counselling, Transactional Analysis, hypnotherapy, kinesiology, spiritual healing, identity constellations, Theta and Reiki healing.

“The energy frequency of pure love heals anything.” A quote by the Healing Code co-author, Dr Ben Johnson. Jack says that this has been the experience of hundreds of his clients.


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