Ian Rampton

Specialising in Swimming Coaching

With 46% of adults in the United Kingdom afraid in water above their heads there is a need for a simple, effective and progressive method to address this concern. 

Ian created SwimminglyWell which allows learners to have “Peace of mind in water over your head”. 

Take away the swimming pool and  substitute it with a table and chair.  Relax and enjoy the journey - it will change your life forever!

The SwimminglyWell bowl method is for:

  • Those who have a fear/phobia of water 
  • Those who cannot swim or cannot put their head in the water. 
  • Those that put their head in water but hold their breath 
  • Those who breath incorrectly and end up swallowing water and getting out of breath 
  • Those that get water up their nose when they jump in 
  • Those that water up their nose when they turn upside down in water.

Small group 2 to 6 or individual lessons can be given. 

Once the method has been learnt breathing in the bowls can be used for stress relief and make you feel invigorated and energised. 


  • No swimming pool to panic in! 
  • Observation and teaching points every step of the way 
  • Slowing down to a pace that feels safe to you 
  • Understanding the importance of staying true to yourself 
  • Remaining 100% in-control at all times 
  • How to be comfortable putting your face in water 
  • Replacing fear with presence of mind and understanding 
  • Understand the rules of the water world – control of breathing 
  • Discover control, control gives you more time, time allows you to achieve and learn more in a relaxed way


Ian is an experienced swimming coach now specialising in adult fear and phobia in water. 

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