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Ian Rampton

Specialising in helping individuals to overcome aquaphobia

Ian works with those who have a fear or phobia of water or those that cannot put their head into water comfortably. He has a unique approach that is simple, progressive and effective with over 24 years of working in this specialised area of aquaphobia. 

Ian normally works 1:1 or in small groups (max 6) each session lasting 1 hour. He works from a table set out in the room, with each student having their own table/chair and bowl. Using an easy-to-follow step-by-step method (at students' pace) students will learn and practice Aquatic Breathing Control (ABC). Student(s) will gain confidence in controlling their breath in water in a safe environment. 

Everything Ian teaches is a building block, he teaches from block 1 to xxx? It’s up to you how far you go! Learn to enjoy and have fun in the water and let fear be a thing of the past.

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