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Ian Rampton

Offering breath control and organisation (Bowl method) and Water Confidence lessons (pool)

Ian is a highly experienced swimming coach with over 25 years of expertise in the specialised area of fear and phobia. As the founder of SwimminglyWell, Ian offers tailored water confidence lessons to adults that meet their individual needs taking into account: age, mobility, skill level, and any challenges they may face.

Ian has developed an excellent understanding of teaching and coaching techniques and has acquired qualifications, including Swim England Club Coach, Pierre Gruneberg Instructor and Steven Shaw Instructor (Alexander Technique), which further demonstrate his dedication to his craft.

Ian's teaching style is unique and fun, which makes learning to swim an enjoyable experience. His primary focus is on improving his clients' lives by teaching them water confidence skills so they can be safe whenever they go to water.

His approach to coaching is professional, yet friendly and engaging, which helps his clients feel comfortable and motivated to learn. He believes that swimming is an essential life skill that everyone should possess, and his lessons are designed to help his clients achieve this goal in a relaxed and enjoyable environment.

His lessons come in two parts:

  1. Ian uses a bowl of water as a training tool to help learners to develop proper breathing techniques (organisation and control). The method emphasizes the importance of relaxation and breathing in swimming, and the bowl of water is used as a way to help swimmers practice their breathing in a safe and fun way. Delivered 1:1 or in groups of up to 6 delivered at the Isbourne.
  2. Once breathing organisation and control is learned. Water Confidence skills are practised in the pool. Swimming will occur whilst learning the skills. Normally 1:1, suitable swimming pool near to learner.

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