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Helene Su

Offering Somatic Dance, Breathwork, Meditation and Fusion Bodywork

Access your joy, freedom and flow through creative somatic dance. Helene’s unique programme Niio Dance draws from a lifetime of study in the UK and abroad and is informed by classical dance, martial arts, yoga, dance movement therapy and somatic movement education. Her classes can range from gentle and nurturing to lively and upbeat, with the emphasis on learning to listen in to the innate wisdom of your body and to find your flow through movement and dance.

There are ongoing new discoveries in Body Mind research, which both confirm ancient teachings and bring fresh insight. Helene is continually updating in her work with this new Somatic information. She has presented talks and workshops in the UK and in Europe and she is committed to helping you to find personal tools for your vibrant health and wellbeing.

Her bodywork treatment is given on a Thai mattress on the floor. After an initial consultation, Helene will give you a bespoke treatment depending on your needs. It often begins with gentle acupressure and Swedish massage with/without oil to relax the top, superficial layers of muscle. Gradually going deeper, the treatment may also include Thai yoga stretching, Reflexology and/or Indian Head massage. Often Helene will give some Reiki as part of the treatment. 

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