Helene Su

Offering Fusion Bodywork and Teaching Somatic Dance, Breathwork and Meditation

When I have been at rock bottom, dance, yoga, breathwork and music have picked me up and given me new perspective and vision,  time and time again. I have danced for as long as I can remember. First with intensive ballet for eight years before discovering freeform shamanic dance and yoga in India.

I have studied Dance Movement Therapy, Body-Mind Centering, Authentic Movement, Biodanza, 5Rhythms, Movement Medicine, Trance Dance and Somatics with teachers from around the world. More importantly, I have journeyed inward to tap into my inner resources and innate bodily wisdom. I have an MA in Dance and Somatics, am a qualified Hatha Yoga teacher, and I have been teaching and evolving my Somatic Movement work for nearly 15 years. Currently I am designing a unique Somatic Health and Wellness program for Individuals and Groups.

My Fusion Bodywork treatments are deep and invigorating yet relaxing and nourishing. Starting with Swedish massage to soothe the superficial muscles and tissues, I go deeper with Acupressure and Thai Yoga stretching depending on your needs and possibilities. Specific areas such as lumbar, neck and shoulders and the feet (with reflexology) can be addressed and I often finish treatments with gentle Reiki.