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Dr Gulara Vincent

Offering Classes on Overcoming Personal Blocks

Dr Gulara Vincent helps clients to find energetic blocks they hold in their body and mind and release it gently using self-directed compassion. Together with a client, Gulara locates the ‘origin story’, i.e. the first time that pattern was set in motion and untangle it at the root. The techniques she uses are gentle and heartful. Once the client acknowledges the pain of the wounded aspects, they release it from their body and field. The healing has numerous benefits: more energy (they no longer expend energy on keeping their feelings under the raps), clients report feeling lighter and brighter, people who used bother them unexpectedly change their behaviour (or it doesn’t trigger the client anymore), there are positive shifts in numerous areas of their lives (because same patterns normally show up in more than one area of life – so by transforming a pattern in a relationship, for example, can benefit their career and health).  


Gulara Vincent, PhD, is a healer and writer based in Devon. She specialises in healing toxic relationships and deep childhood and/or sexual trauma. She brings her training in Compassion Key and Non-Personal Awareness together with her own experience, to support you in transforming your relationship patterns so that you can open to the love you deserve. In working with clients, she’s highly intuitive. She feels the energy of a block and can help you to dissipate the stuck energy in a gentle way. People find her presence calming and reassuring, and are able to dive in at the deep end.

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