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Debbie Fildew

offering Rosen Method Bodywork

Debbie initially practised for many years as a physiotherapist within the NHS specialising in relaxation and breathwork. She was always fascinated by the interweaving between the mind and body and how one can so readily affect the other and this led her to train and qualify in Shiatsu.

Rosen Method (RM) explores how our bodies have been shaped both physically and emotionally by the experiences, challenges and stresses in our lives. This can be felt for example in the tension we hold in our shoulders or the knot in our stomach. Sometimes we can just feel “stuck” in our lives and lack clarity about how to find a way forward.

RM offers a gentle but powerful way to listen to what our body has to say and with this awareness, there can be a gradual sense of more ease, breadth and breath in the body as tensions release. There can also be a building sense of resilience as we access more peace and safety within ourselves and from that place, we can open up to experience joy and deep connection to others. We begin to feel more alive and in touch with life.

When Debbie came across Rosen Method in 2006, she was deeply moved by its simplicity, gentleness and its ability to reach the very heart of us. It has been a wonderful turning point in her own life and practise. Debbie is a fully qualified practitioner living and working in the South West.

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