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Colin Clark

NLP based ‘innermind’ skills for personal development

With a background as an NLP counsellor and coach, Colin teaches and trains what he calls ‘innermind’ skills. The starting point is ‘psychic’ and intuitive development to help his students improve their insight, awareness and clarity using simple, easy to learn and down to earth approaches.  He is a great believer in having fun while you learn so the exercises and processes he designs keep his students engaged, excited and want to know more about their unique gifts. 

Colin is also an author and has written an audio course called ‘The Practical Mystic – A Guide to Psychic & Intuitive Skills’ which takes listeners through a complete introduction to developing ‘hidden’ abilities.  His aim in his teaching and writing is always to help us notice our unique inner gifts to promote self-development and wellbeing and help us live our lives in positive and fulfilling ways.