Clive Osborne

Specialising in Conflict Resolution Tuition and Mediation

We all experience conflict at some time or another – at work, among neighbours, within families or in other areas such as school or college.

Conflict arises when people have opposing opinions, values and beliefs. Very often it starts with missing or broken communication.

Sometimes the origins of a conflict can be so deep-seated that they are hard to uncover. But the problem can clearly affect our:

• happiness, health and well-being
• relationships with other people
• performance at work.

Left unresolved, conflict can grow out of all proportion and blight the lives of those involved, harming important and valuable relationships.

Facilitative mediation can help people in conflict to recognise the causes of the problem and, more importantly, identify common interests which can underpin a new mutual understanding.

Mediators do this through impartially supporting those involved in conflict to find their own mutually-acceptable and sustainable win-win resolutions.

The process is voluntary, confidential, future-focused, and positive. Initially the mediator has private conversations with each person involved before bringing them together for a joint session.

After more than 40 years as a communicator, Clive brings to the role of mediator an impressive set of qualities, including effective listening, patience, and diplomacy.

His calm approach and strong negotiation skills have been invaluable in dealing with situations that had the potential to become extremely challenging.

Colleagues and clients agree that Clive brings a calm professionalism to any situation.

The desire to give a voice to people who might not otherwise be heard or understood has been a consistent factor in his career which has covered journalism, teaching young people with special educational needs/disabilities, setting up and running small businesses, directorships and trade union roles.