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Claire Seabrook

Offering Mindfulness and Meditation Classes, Courses on Relieving Chronic Pain, and Craniosacral Therapy Treatments

Claire's work is about the gentle art of coming home to yourself.

As a meditation teacher, it is her joy and privilege to share how the practice of meditation takes us below the surface of who we think we are, to the place of peace that is who we truly are. The effects of this radiate into every aspect of our lives.

In her work as a body-mind therapist and course tutor, Claire sees people whose lives are affected by pain, stress and anxiety learn how to reconnect to their body, befriend their emotions, discover their truth, honour themselves – and relieve their pain.

Claire's work has evolved over thirty years, from teaching dance and movement in schools, to training in craniosacral therapy and psychotherapy, and sharing her lifelong love of meditation.

Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle, light-touch approach that promotes a state of profound relaxation where tension can be released from the body and mind.  As the nervous system settles, your body’s natural ability to heal can work best to restore physical and emotional health. The most common reasons people seek the body-mind approach of CST are chronic pain, stress, anxiety and support for general well-being.