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Caroline Painter

Offering Law of Attraction Workshops and Conscious Coaching

Positive Stream offers small group workshops and one to one sessions based on the universal principles of the Law of Attraction.

We explore the science behind the Law of Attraction, finding our own self-alignment, connecting with our inner voice and intuition and how to use conscious thought. We discover practical applications that will enhance and change your everyday for the better. Our one-to-one Conscious Coaching will help you identify blocks and resistances that you may be experiencing. This personal approach will be set at your own pace. This is not about regression, it is all about moving forward and living in the present with a new perspective. Both the workshops and Conscious Coaching can complement one another or stand in isolation depending on your desires.

Caroline is a qualified Law of Attraction practitioner, skilled helper and life coach. She teachers the universal principles of Law of Attraction and practical applications to enhance and change your everyday experiences for the better. She underpins her knowledge with her lifelong passion for psychology (BSc Hons.) ensuring the exploration of mind and body are united resulting in your alignment and ultimate inner growth. Caroline delivers these techniques within small scale workshops and one-to-one Conscious Coaching sessions.