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Becky Medcalf

Offering Cellular Release Therapy®

Becky dedicates her life to exploring and using wonderful methods that truly help and empower people, to feel content and happy in the present, to resolve the past and to move forward with clarity, purpose, joy and peace.

Whether it has come about through being diagnosed with a genetic condition from birth, or not, Becky has a lifelong insatiable desire to understand the human body and this planet, and started her career by studying Environmental Science at Leeds University. Becky then re-trained for a new career in health and fitness, qualifying as Personal Trainer, Sports Massage Therapist and Pilates instructor.

However not being satisfied with being stumped by some people’s pain and symptoms, it led to Becky studying functional neurology with Dr Jose Palomar, which ultimately led to the wonderful world of the subconscious mind and discovering the innate and intrinsic healing ability we all have.

Becky is very passionate about helping others recover their physical and emotional health and is particularly passionate about helping others move forward from unhelpful labels they have been given or have given themselves. The techniques and approach used by Becky to assist healing and wellbeing, combines scientific and medical understanding with a holistic and spiritual approach.

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